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International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS)
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Bruna de Campos Ventura-Camargo, Maria Aparecida Marin-Morales
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The emission of effluents from textile industries has been a major concern of the modern world, due to the great pollution that these effluents promote on the water resources. Among the synthetic dyes released in effluents from textile industries, azo dyes is one of the more detrimental classes because it is highly persistent in the aquatic environment, due to its chemical compositions, involving aromatic rings, azoic linkages and amino groups. This review aimed to gather information on the...
Topics: Dyes, Textile Effluents, Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity, Mutagenicity, Carcinogenicity, Bioremediation
This paper presents a review on applications of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) controllers such as Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR), Thyristor Controlled Switched Reactor (TCSR), Static VAR Compensator (SVC) or Fixed Capacitor‐ Thyristor Controlled Reactor (FC‐TCR), Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC), Thyristor Controlled Switched Series Reactor (TSSR), Thyristor Controlled Brakening Reactor (TCBR), Thyristor Controlled Voltage Reactor (TCVR), Thyristor Controlled...
This paper represents method of producing biodiesel from castor oil (treated with mineral turpentine oil) by transesterification of the crude oil with methanol in the presence of NaOH as catalyst. This paper mainly involves “Esterification”. Factors effecting the biodiesel production (reaction temperature, reaction rate & catalyst) are analyzed. The esterification procedure converts castor oil to its methyl esters. Important fuel properties of methyl esters of biodiesel produced from...
Topics: Renewable, Castor oil, Biodiesel
The purpose of this paper is to study and compare the brand personality of Nokia and Samsung in Chinese situation for brand building reference. This paper investigated Nokia and Samsung brand personality. Results demonstrated that Nokia brand personality has four dimensions (Sureness, Reliability, Agility, Peacefulness), and Samsung has three dimensions (Competence, Sophistication, Agility). The absence of Ruggedness supports the implication of many studies that Ruggedness is a culture-specific...
Topics: Brand Personality, Brand building, Factors, Mathematical Modeling
The research work is on globalization and economic growth in Nigeria: Any nexus? The study adopts descriptive statistics, regression analysis and correlation analysis on the macro economic variables. The objectives of the study are to: describe the trend of macroeconomic variable; examine the impact of globalization on economic growth of Nigeria; to determine the relationship between foreign direct investment, inflation and exchange rate; relationship between trade openness and exchange rate,...
Topics: Globalization, Real Gross Domestic Product, Inflation, Exchange Rate and Economic Growth
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Davoud Bagheri Dargah, Hamed Golrokhsari
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Information and Communication Technologies are rapidly expanding and have affected the businesses and the way organizations compete (Porter, 2001). ICTs have been applied in tourism industry over a number of years. Organizations adopt e-business for several reasons and perceived benefits. In this paper we first will introduce different aspects of e-tourism including benefits, threats, barriers and finally will go through the customer satisfaction factors in E-tourism. Despite the importance of...
Topics: E-tourism, Satisfaction, E-commerce, E-Marketing
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Science and Engineering Publishing Company
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Journal of Information Technology and Application in Education (JITAE) is an international open-access and refereed journal dedicated to publishing the latest advancements in information technology and application in education. The goal of this journal is to record the latest findings and promote further research in these areas. Scholars from all relevant academic fields are invited to submit high-quality manuscripts that describe the latest, state-of-the-art research results or...
Topic: E-Learning and Knowledge Management ;Evaluating of Teaching and Learning Technologies ;Socially...
Sand production like water and gas production is one of the perennial problems plaguing the oil industry because of its safety, economics or environmental impact on production. In order to properly optimise production and monitor sand controlled well, it is imperative to evaluate the well performance, sand control effectiveness and durability of the treatment type installed in order to achieve the main aim of hydrocarbon production. The principal methods of sand control that are available to...
Topics: Reservoir, Sand Control, IGP, SCON, Niger Delta, WIQI
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
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Hexamethylenetetramine or hexamine has been known for  100 years as a white chemical compound  formed  as a product of the reaction between formaldehyde and ammonia.  The utilization of hexamine has been widespread but only  universally used  in  small  quantities, mainly during  the production of explosives, and various resins. Hexamine is  produced as a powder or a 42% solution. The aim of this  paper was to  simulate  a more efficient  continuous  42%  hexamine solution...
Topics: Hexamine, Energy-Efficient Process, Waste Material, Aqueous Solution, Utilitiese
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Sudip Pandey, Rabindra Prasad Dhakal
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The study was undertaken to investigate the physico‐chemical properties of pine needle in the preparation of biomass briquettes. Pine Needle Briquettes (PNB) were prepared using the piston press mold with clay as binder in the ratio of 80:20. Both the physical and combustion properties of the pine needle and pine needle briquettes were carried out in the laboratory. The result shows that pine needle as the good source for briquetting with the moisture content of 9.76%. In addition, the number...
Topics: Pine Needle, Briquette, Fuelwood, Combustion Characteristics
In the present work, the direct, sensitive, and accurate method for the determination of hydrazine is described. The method is based on the formation of yellow coloured azine complex by hydrazine with para-(dimethylamino)benzaldehyde (p-DMAB) in 1M nitric acid medium. The formed yellow coloured azine complex is stable in acidic medium and has a maximum absorbance at 454 nm. The working range of acidity should be within 0.1 to 1.0 M nitric acid medium. A calibration graph was made for the...
Topics: Hydrazine, Para - (dimethylamino) benzaldehyde, Spectrophotometer, Nitric Acid, Purex Process
The present study aimed to evaluate the antioxidative  potential of selected Carica papaya  peel and seed by  determining their total phenolic content (TPC) and  antioxidant activities. TPC was determined by FolinCiocalteu method,  while antioxidant activities were  evaluated using DPPH radical scavenging ability, ferric  reducing/antioxidant power (FRAP), and ABTS radical  cation inhibition activity. Papaya peel was extracted using  90% acetone (v/v) for 60 min showed the highest TPC...
Topics: Antioxidant Activity, Carica Papaya, Peel, Seed
With the aim of scientific investigation on natural dye yielding plants of Ethiopia, few dye plants which are traditionally used for cotton dyeing in Ethiopia were selected. Crude dyes in powder form were isolated after evaporation of aqueous extracts. The color strength and color mass equivalences of the aqueous extracts compared to synthetic dye (commercial C I Reactive Red 4) were determined. Calculation of color equivalence gives an idea of the necessity of using large quantities of raw dye...
Topics: Dye Plant, Extraction, Dyeing, Mordant, Crude Dye Yield, Color Strength
Inordinate localized temperature rise in the power transformer causes subsequent thermal breakdown. To prescribe the limits of short-term and long-term loading capability of a transformer, it is necessary to estimate the hottest spot temperature (HST) of transformer. This paper proposes the steady state temperature distribution of the power transformer windings. Oil in the transformer is assumed nearly incompressible and oil properties such as thermal conductivity, special heat, viscosity, and...
Topics: finite difference method, hottest spot temperature, power transformer, temperature distribution
A slip measurement system was developed for agricultural 4WD tractors based on LabVIEW Software. Firstly, the principle of slip calculation was discussed. After that, the operating principle of this system was introduced, especially in assembly methods of primary sensor, hardware and software of the slip measurement system. Finally, the accuracy of this system and the slip characteristics were analyzed by some experiments. The results showed that error of this system was around 1.5%-2.7% which...
Topics: Tractor, Slip measurement, Encoder, Radar, LabVIEW
Cyclic Steam Injection (CSI) is an effective thermal recovery process, in which, several driving mechanisms define the success of the process; i.e. viscosity reduction, wettability alteration, gas expansion, etc. This process was first applied in late 1950s. Then, it has been applied world‐wide successfully to both light and heavy oil reservoirs. To increase the effectiveness of CSI, process was varied by chemical addition to steam, application of horizontal wells and introduction of...
Topics: Cyclic Steam Injection, Cyclic Steam Stimulation, Huff n’ Puff, Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery
The contribution provides an overview of possible experiments with mobile phones in physics lessons. The focus of the article is therefore on the “mobile phone” as an experiment tool. Besides the use of mobile phones for documentation, experiments with mobile phones for analysing gravity acceleration and diffraction phenomena of infrared remote controls as well as experiments of the topic acoustics are discussed. This paper includes relevant examples of the project “N.E.T.–New Media...
Topics: Mobile Phone Applications, Physics Education, Experimental Tools, Material-Aided Situated Learning...
The Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) is gaining increasing interest in last decades because of its suitability for extraction and purification of compounds having low volatility or which are susceptible to thermal degradation. This review provides an updated overview on the applications of SCFE in recovery of bioactive compounds from fruits and vegetable wastes/by-products emphasizing the effects of various process and role process parameters on the extraction yield of these compounds. A...
Topics: Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Antioxidants, Phase Equilibrium, Mass Transfer, Modeling
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
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A PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) is a digitally operating electronic apparatus which uses a programmable memory for the internal storage of instructions by implementing specific functions such as logic sequencing, timing, counting, and arithmetic to control, through digital or analog input/output modules, various types of machines or processes”. It is an easily understood programming language .It can hold data for a long time i.e. for a indefinite time but requires excessive work in...
Topics: PLC, Central Processing Unit, NEMA, Sinking, Sources
The oleoresin is an important forest produce of pine forests  in the world. The variation in the economics of resin tapping  (oleoresin yield, cost of production) and oleoresin quality is  influenced by method of tapping and chemical stimulants  used for tapping, diameter of trees. Resin flow, a typical  defense response in conifers, is controlled by various  environmental factors. Different concentrations of Ethephon,  sulphuric acid (isolated or in combination with CEPA) have  also...
Topics: Oleoresin, Chir Pine, Chemical Stimulant, Tree Diameter, Borehole Diameter, Season
It is widely recognized that some parental characteristics can influence obsessive compulsive disorders in children and adolescents. Family involvement and parental style characterized by high expressed emotion, over-protection, over-control are associated with the development of obsessive compulsive disorders in children. As a consequence, family involvement in the treatment of youth with obsessive compulsive disorders has been widely suggested. Although various forms of family therapy are...
Topics: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Childhood, Adolescence, Family, Psychological Treatment
On the basis of the constant-pressure principle and variable-frequency principle applied to traditional water supply system, this paper presented the overall structure of water supply system using plc (programmable logic controller) as main controller, and newly used the switched adaptive control principle to optimize water supply quality. The systematic analysis was carried on by combining the system with its mathematical model. The simulation data using visual c++ confirms the system’s...
Topics: Constant-Pressure Water Supply, Switched Adaptive Control, PLC, VVVF.
In the last few years, there has been explosive growth in the application of meta-heuristics algorithm for solving Sudoku puzzles in computer science. In this paper we present a hybrid genetic algorithm (HGA) that uses a “random” technology to improve the performance of genetic algorithm. We also show the performance of the algorithms for solving Sudoku puzzles with 46 different examples. The experimental results indicate that HGA is able to produce very competitive results with respect to...
Topics: Sudoku, Hybrid Genetic Algorithm, Metaheuristics Algorithm, Optimization, Random Search Strategy
The waste generated by modern society, when discarded in nature can make the water unfit for human consumption. Thus to obtain drinking water is necessary to perform a physical-chemical treatment, which allow the removal of the turbidity and organisms harmful to health. These coagulant chemicals and related products, although efficient, physical and chemical characteristics of water, complicate the disposal of sludge generated, and make the water have a high cost, which is passed on to...
Topics: Water Clarification, Polyelectrolytes, Natural Sources
The SPE’s Comparative Solution Projects are very recognized suites of test datasets for specific problems and the hub of conducting independent comparison of reservoir simulation from different dimensions. The first one of this kind of projects was initiated in 1981 by Aziz S Odeh in order to compare solutions to a three‐dimensional black‐oil reservoir simulation problem obtained from different participants. Later, more nine independent CSPs were led by many investigators to examine other...
Topics: Comparative Solution Project, SPE Reservoir Simulation, Case Studies, Black Oil, Compositional,...
Higher educational institutions are exposed with global competition for the sustainability for a long run such as low graduation rates, less employability and rising questions of relevance of college education for public good etc., Some institutions in India have successfully implemented ISO 9001:2008. The quality of education is more important to the customers of the educational institutions such as students, parents and the organizations where they are getting employment. Educational...
Topics: Academic Performance Analysis, Black Belt, DMAIC, Green Belt, Higher Education, Six Sigma.
Although the traditional ceramic practices have been long in  Nigeria, the full impact of the global advances in ceramic  glaze technology is yet to be felt. Existentially, the prevailing  approaches to glaze composition by local ceramic  practitioners have remained hands-on trial and error  methods including the use of already-prepared glazes which  often do not deliver as expected due to unpredictable  conditions. With the growing awareness on computer based  glaze composition coupled...
Topics: Stoneware Glazes, Glaze Software, Glaze Chemistry, Computer Aided Glaze Design, Local Raw Materials
Power transformer outages have a considerable economic impact on the operation of an electrical network. In order to draw maximum power from transformers and, at the same time, avoid thermal mishaps, it is essential to carefully study its thermal behavior. Furthermore, an accurate computation of the hottest spot temperature (HST) helps in a realistic estimation of the reliability and remaining life of the transformer winding insulation. This paper presents steady state temperature distribution...
Topics: Power Transformer, Layer-type Winding, Thermal Analysis, Conjugated Heat Transfer, Finite...
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Fatema Hamid Al-Saiari, S.M. Mujibur Rahman, Kazi Monowar Abedin
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The Iterative Fresnel Integrals Method (IFIM) has been applied for the simulation and generation of the complete near-field Fresnel diffraction images created by triple apertures for the first time. The simulation can be performed in any PC using an included MATLAB program. Necessary formalism has been derived and simulation algorithm has been developed for this application. An interesting combination of interference effects with Fresnel diffraction has been observed in the simulation images....
Topics: Fresnel Diffraction, Triple Aperture, Computer Simulation, Iterative Fresnel Integrals Method,...
Dietary mushrooms are considered as valuable health foods since they are known for rich proteinacious food, it consists of about 75 per cent proteins and are low in calories, fat, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms as functional foods are used as nutrient supplements to enhance immunity in the form of tablets. Calocybe indica is an indigenous popular edible mushroom, having a variety of secondary metabolites such as phenolic compounds, terpenes and steroids possibly involved in their...
Topics: Calocybe indica, medicine, food, properties.
Floods of River Jhelum in Kashmir Valley are as old as the river itself. Historical accounts suggest that the river had witnessed the devastating floods since ages many among which have created havoc in terms their resultant destruction. The area which is mainly affected by floods are the Jhelum valley floor stretching from Anantnag in the south to Baramulla in the north. The Valley is an ancient lake basin 140 kilometre long and 32 kilometre wide. In this paper delineation of flood plain of...
Topics: River Jhelum, Flood Plain Delineation, NDWI, Transect Method
VANETs are becoming more and more popular as a way to increase the traffic safety and comfort. The 802.11p standard has attracted much attention as part of the WAVE protocol in VANETs. Recently, many evaluations and enhancements have been proposed for the 802.11p standard. In this paper, the existing evaluations and enhancements of the 802.11p standard are first presented and classified. Subsequently, the present situations of the 802.11p standard are furthermore summarised based on the...
Topics: 802.11p, Collision, Enhancement, Evaluation, Scheduling, Throughput, Traffic Control, VANETs, WAVE
The validity of statistical analyses applied to identify different factors in many fields depends upon the use of appropriate sample sizes, the lack of which reduces the power of the findings. However, the number of cases collected for data analysis in medical studies is generally limited, for medical, financial and other experimental reasons, and statistical tests are often carried out without power and sample size estimation. Power analysis involves several parameters, the most important of...
Topics: Frequency Data, Contingency Table, Preliminary Study, Effect Size, Statistical Power Estimation,...
Evaporation is an important component in oil spill models. Various approaches for oil evaporation prediction are summarized. Models can be divided into those models that use the basis of air‐boundary‐regulation or those that use liquid diffusion‐regulated evaporation physics. Studies show that oil is not air boundary‐layer regulated such as it is for water evaporation, which implies that a simplistic evaporation equation suffices to accurately describe the process. The following...
Topics: Oil Spill Evaporation, Hydrocarbon Evaporation, Evaporation Modeling
Modelling and manufacturing of radar absorbing material are proposed using multilayer composite nanostructured materials and the recently introduced winning particle optimization algorithm. The study concerns tile of materials with dimensions of 0.3m×0.3m made of nanostructured composite materials, which consist on epoxy-resin and industrial grade carbon nanotube (CNTs) fillers. The industrial grade CNTs were appositely chosen for their low costs, in order to be applied in great amount to...
Topics: Radar Absorbing Materials, Evolutionary Computation, Winning Particle Optimization, Modeling,...
This study examines 413 engineer students’ ESE and its influencing factors. The results show that students’ career resilience (CR) has a significant direct effect on employability self-efficacy (ESE), and perceived labor market competition (PLMC) has a significant effect on ESE through CR. The influence pattern and empirical data of PLMC and CR on ESE has a good fit.
Topics: Career Resilience, Employability Self-efficacy, Perceived Labor Market, Competition.
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
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This paper revisits the problem of a spinning top in a uniform gravitational field when one point on the symmetry axis is fixed in space. It is an instructive and synthetic work of which the theoretical part includes all necessary issues to formulate the full differential equations governing the general motion of the spinning top under arbitrary initial conditions. Both Euler and Lagrange formulations are discussed. Moreover, closed form analytical solutions are derived for the regular...
Topics: spinning top, symmetrical gyroscope, Euler’s equations, Lagrange’s equations.
Railway signaling system requires the high level of safety since these have to ensure safe operation of the train. According to these reason, safety‐related regulations for railway signaling systems are internationally standardized. To secure the safety required by international standards, the hazard control is necessary with system lifecycle, and the hazard identification is needed to hazard control. To draw this hazard which is the basis of whole hazard control, there are very many...
Topics: RailwaySignaling System, PHA, HAZOP
Main buckling and post-buckling analysis methods for composite structures are presented,  along with the discussion on  their potential challenges in handling the accuracy of prediction. Common buckling and post-buckling behaviors of composite structures are described, and the capabilities of corresponding analysis techniques are reviewed. Compared with the structures made of metals, the anisotropy of composite materials is one of the key difference  which  could be considered in ...
Topics: Composite Structures, Buckling, Post-Buckling, Structural Analysis, Shell Structures, Anisotropy
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Zheyu Wang, Lanlin Zhang, John L. Volakis
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We present a novel class of embroidered textile radio frequency (RF) circuit and antennas based on electrically conductive metal-polymer fibers (E-fibers) to realize wearable RF electronics woven on daily garments. The E-fibers are composed of high strength and flexible polymer core covered with a metallic coating. These E-fibers exhibit very low electrical loss and excellent mechanical conformalty and flexibility. Computerized embroidery machinery and double layer stitching were employed to...
Topics: Textile Antenna, Wearable Antenna, Electronic Fiber, RF Electronic
This document describes about designing and manufacturing of bamboo processing machine having three functions, namely; splitting, grinding and sanding bamboo surfaces. It helps to avoid a tedious and time taking manual bamboo processing. Three people can work at the same time when a need arise. It is designed considering safety factors and ergonomic considerations. The machine is robust in design having low sound, and good aesthetic so as to look attractive and durable while giving service....
Topics: Designing, Manufacturing, bamboo processing, splitting and grinding knots, all cost are in Birr...
Due to increasingly stringent worldwide environmental regulations for gaseous, aqueous and solid waste emissions, conventional smelting technology causes difficulties when treating materials containing arsenic. Many globally significant copper properties have copper sulfide mineralogy that has a high arsenic content present as enargite. Often, the enargite is present as very large resources with significant amounts of contained precious metals. As global copper, silver and gold demand increases...
Topics: Enargite, Pressure Oxidation, Arsenic
The purpose of this paper is the study  of the shape of  catamaran with asymmetrical hulls by both experimental  and numerical viewpoint. The experimental study is based  on the towing tank testAs on a catamaran hulls shape  obtained from  previous works, showing that the wave  resistance is very low produces a lower energy loss and a  greater effectiveness. The hulls shape is optimized by the  CFD application  by force of commercial software, which  shows that the reduction of...
Topics: CFD, Towing Tank Tests, Catamaran, Motion Resistance, Wave Resistance
In this paper, Matlab/Simulink based new saturation model is proposed to investigate the transient performance of a three-phase induction machine. The model as proposed is used to predict the transient performance of three-phase induction generator under different operating conditions. Closeness of simulated results with experimental results on a test machine proves the effectiveness of the proposed model.
Topics: Modeling, Self Excited Induction Generator, Simulation, Transient Analysis
According to the problems of lithium battery, which has abroad application prospects, in the process of charging, by using of the constant current to constant voltage charging method, this paper designs a smart fast charging system based on the ATMEGA128 microcontroller and LTC4100 battery charging controller. The core modules of the MCU control and charging circuit are mainly designed to achieve the efficient and fast charging. During the process of charging, the system can automatically track...
Topics: Lithium Battery, Smart Charging, ATMEGA128 Microcontroller, LTC4100
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
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The electrochemical method is a promising technology for a clean environmental and is widely applied in the control of wastewater pollution, especially in the removal of metal and oxidation of refractory organics. The heavy metal wastewater treated by the electrochemical method is reviewed in this literature. The key and challenges of the application of the electrochemical method in the control of heavy metal wastewater are pointed out.
Topics: Electrochemical Oxidation, Heavy Metal, Cyanide, Complex Metal, Organic Pollutants, Wastewater
Cryogenic Treatment is a supplementary process for conventional  heat treatment process in steel. It is an inexpensive one time permanent treatment affecting the entire section of the component unlike coatings. This experimental study investigates the effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the abrasive wear behavior of En45 steel. As the temperature is decreased more retained austenite is transformed to martensite and leads to smaller and more uniform martensite laths distributed in the micro...
Topics: Carbide Precipitation, Cryogenic Treatment, Micro Structural Studies, Subzero Treatment, Wear...
With the advent of whatsapp, information has been spread worldwide easily. Higher learning institutions such as IIUM have been using whatsapp as a mean of communication between the students and their instructors. The use of whatsapp at IIUM has been inevitable. Despite the positive impact of whatsapp as social media to the users, it has also negative impacts on student learning such as: time consuming for student’s study time, exacerbating student’s grammar and spelling,...
Topics: Whatsapp, Malaysia, IIUM.
Study of hydraulic transients in hydropower plants especially in hydraulic turbine units with penstock is an important aspect. These transients cause large pressure and sub pressure oscillations in turbine hydraulic system. Hence these must be evaluated to avoid mechanical failure. In this paper, a turbine penstock model has been analyzed to study the effect of water hammer. Also an attempt has been made to analyze the effect of length, diameter and thickness of the penstock on water hammer....
Topics: Water Hammer, Turbine-penstock Model, Mechanical Power, Mathematical Model
This paper presents the modelling and simulation of a Photovoltaic-Variable Speed Diesel Generator (PV-VSDG) Off-Grid hybrid power system for long term analytical performance studies. Two different types of diesel generators, namely the constant speed diesel generators (CSDG) and the VSDGs were considered for the simulations. The system components have been developed using MATLAB/Simulink. The simulation results from Simulink were validated through comparison to the results obtained from the...
Topics: Renewable energy, solar energy, remote power system, supervisory control, modeling
A survey on noise pollution levels in four selected sawmill  factories in Delta State has been conducted. The  investigations involve physical measurement of the noise  pollution levels using a BK precision digital sound level  meter model IEC 651 type and a social survey, using  questionnaire. The physical measurement assessed the  different machines noise level in the factories and the  background noise levels measured at 50 meters away from  the factories. A mean level of machine...
Topics: Survey, Noise Pollution, Sawmill Factory Delta State
In this paper, a simple boost control with independence relation between modulation index and shoot‐through duty ratio (modified simple boost) for z‐source inverter is simulated and analysed using MATLAB/Simulink, as well as the simple boost and the maximum boost control methods. The simulation shows that the modified simple boost control, as well as the maximum boost control could utilize high modulation index to generate output voltage that requires high voltage gain. In turn, this may...
Topics: Z‐source Inverter, PWM, Control, Fuel Cell
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Jie Ding, Phillip Tracey, Weihua Li, Gangrou Peng, Philip G. Whitten, Gordon G. Wallace
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Recently, research in the area of shear thickening fluids (STFs) has increased due to the potential for commercial application. They are considered possible candidate materials for liquid body armour and sporting protective clothing and other applications because of their unique properties. Here the state of the art of shear thickening mechanisms, ingredient materials, fabrication methods, rheological properties, and factors influencing shear thickening behaviour have been reviewed. Basic...
Topics: Shear Thickening Fluids, Rheological Properties, Smart Structure, Viscosity, Body Armour,...
The aluminum piston Al 11wt% Si alloys SC100, ACA8, A4032 were tested together with A2618-T6 concerning their mechanical properties and their thermal fatigue behavior. The alloy A2618 shows a better elongation to failure and higher yield stress compared to the other alloys by maintaining the low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Thermal fatigue experiments confirmed that the Coffin-Manson equation can be used for life time prediction with the coefficients C P   = 0.0385, K P   = -0.377...
Topics: high temperature low - cycle – fatigue, plastic strain, tensile test, thermal expansion
The electrodynamic testing of transformers consists in the creation in the process of the specific quantity of short-circuit shots (as a rule 5-6). In service winding electrodynamic deformations after short-circuit currents can result in insulation disruption and in to turn-to-turn internal short-circuit immediately. All transformer design elements (Winding, pressing system, and etc.) must be checked during short-circuit testing by real values of short-circuit currents. Transformer testing for...
Topics: Short-circuit, Testing Laboratory, Winding fault, Electrodynamic Deformation, Low Voltage Impulse...
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by S. Mishra, S. Ganesh, P. Velavendan, N.K. Pandey, C. Mallika, U.K. Mudali and R. Natarajan
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The solubility of tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) in nitric acid of  various concentrations (0 – 14 M) has been determined in the  temperature range of 25 to 60℃. The concentrations of TBP  dissolved in aqueous phase, both free and bound to the acid  due to the formation of TBP complexes with nitric acid, have  been calculated. A classical thermodynamic approach has  been used to determine the formation constants of TBP-nitric  acid complexes. The effect of temperature and the presence ...
Topics: Tri-butyl Phosphate Solubility, PUREX Process, Competitive Equilibria, Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
Renewable energy resources  is regarded as an alternative  for future energy demand in India. The exploitation of RES  is increasing exponentially. As per Ministry of New and  Renewable Energy (MNRE) data, the present contribution of  RES in the installed capacity is more than 12.5% and the  share of RES would increase in the near future. However,  the power generated from RES is fluctuating in nature  particularly in solar photovoltaic and wind energy  conversion systems. In view of...
Topics: Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Control Strategies, Modelling, Optimization
This paper presents the advantages of using Audio amplifiers-class-D which has an important role in every mobile system involving an audible sound. General power amplifiers till recently have been very inefficient, bulky and unreliable. Though Class AB amplifiers have major market share in the audio industry because of their efficiency compared to previous classes of amplifiers such as Class A and Class B, recent demand for smaller devices with longer battery life has resulted in replacement of...
Topics: Audio Amplifiers, Efficiency, Class D, Distortion, Modulation.
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Jadhav, U., Salve, S., Dhawale, R., Padul, M., Dawkar, V., Chougale, A., Waghmode, T., Salve, A., Patil, M.
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Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) enzyme was isolated from banana peel. Enzyme was partially purified by ammonium sulphate precipitation (70%). The partially purified PPO showed optimum temperature 35 oC and pH 7.0. This PPO enzyme preparation was employed for the degradation of four different phenolic compounds and textile dye Blue 2RNL. PPO degraded 1 g/L gallic acid (100%) in 24 h. PPO also decolorized 40 mg/L Blue 2RNL dye (89%) in 24 h. The decolorization of Blue 2RNL dye by PPO enzyme was...
Topics: Polyphenol Oxidase, Banana Peel, Phenolic Compounds, Degradation, Phytotoxicity
AC motors have gained wide ranging applications in the present day scenario. Adoption of innovatively designed speed control mechanisms in the industrial sector has revolutionized these drives. Now-a-days the industrial sector has a well organized power supply system, wherein motors used for specific industrial applications are not subjected to abrupt supply variations. Thus their operating conditions remain nearly the same throughout their life span. There are certain areas like the...
Topics: Simulation, Performance of Motors, Supply Voltage Variations, Induction Motors, Irrigation Pumps
Folkscanomy: General Academic Papers
by Eric K Forkuo, Adubofour Frimpong
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While the concepts of change detection analysis is not new, the emergence of new imaging sensors and geospatial technologies has created a need for image processing techniques that can integrate observation from a variety of different sensors and datasets to map, detect and monitor forest resources. In addition to timber, forests provide such resources as grazing land for animals, wildlife habitat, water resources and recreation areas and these are threatened constantly by both human impacts...
Topics: Land Use, Land Cover, Forest Cover, Change Detection, Classification
With respect to single-electron transistor (SET) technology, it is possible to build neural networks with extreme low power properties. To simulate SET circuits, an electrical model has been represented. In contrast to the prescriptions in the so-called Orthodox theory of single-electronics, this model explores the discrete character of the tunnel current and conditions. In this paper a brief description of neural circuitry based tree-island structure was given and verified as a single-electron...
Topics: Single Electron Transistor, Single Electron Memory, Neural network, Orthodox Theory, MATLAB, SIMON
High IImpedance Fauults (HIFs) deteection has alwayys been difficuult, because theiir signs are nott clear. This paaper presents a new metthod for HIFs detection in ddistribution netwworks. The prooposed methodd can easily disscern the HIFss from other saame phenomenna in disttribution netwoorks such as cap acitors switchinng, linear and noonlinear loads sswitching. This method has beeen used Total HHarmonic Distorrtion (THHD) properties and time variattions of current waveform in fofour stages...
Topics: High Impedance Faults, Total Harmonic Distortion, Time Various, Distribution Network
Grindability of granite and Iron‐ore was investigated in this work. Samples were collected from Julius Berger Quarry and National Iron‐Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO), Itakpe. Particle size distribution of the samples by means of sieve shaker and grindability of samples were also determined. The results obtained show that weight retained varies from 36.71 g to 183.1 g for granite while that of iron‐ore vary from 9.65 g to 87.78 g. In addition, it was observed that granite and iron‐ore have...
Topics: Grindability, Granite, Iron ore, Particle Size, Sample
Present research study was conducted for a period of three months to evaluate each and every phase of industry’s waste water treatment processes as a cumulative research. The quantity and quality of brewery waste water fluctuates significantly, depending upon operations like raw material handling, wort preparation, fermentation, filtration, controls in process (CIP) and packaging. The water discharged is found highly organic in nature with high COD consisting of easily biodegradable sugars,...
Topics: Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS), Dissolved Oxygen (DO),...
This article presents an experimental study of high‐temperature hardness and wear resistance of three cobalt‐based Tribaloy alloys. They are two hypereutectic Tribaloy alloys, designated as T‐400 and T‐400C, and one hypoeutectic Tribaloy alloy, designated as T‐401. T‐400 is a conventional wear‐resistant Tribaloy alloy while T‐400C and T‐401 are newly developed with improved corrosion/oxidation resistance or/and ductility, respectively. A micro hardness tester equipped with a...
Topics: Tribaloy Alloy, Laves Phase, Solid Solution, Hardness, Wear Resistance, Temperature
Mixed oxide catalysts derived from MgAlLa layered double hydroxide (LDH) were prepared by co‐precipitation and calcination. They were characterized by the XRD, FT‐IR and BET techniques. Their catalytic performance was compared with the 5%K‐promoted catalyst as heterogeneous base catalysts for the transesterification of Moringa oleifera oil with methanol to produce biodiesel. At 110 °C, reaction time 6 h, methanol: oil molar ratio 30, 10 wt.% catalyst, the biodiesel with 96.1% ester...
Topics: Biodiesel, Moringa oleifera oil, Base catalyst, MgAlLaO
This work investigates the result of an experimental study carried out to determine the Coefficient of performance of domestic refrigerator when a propane-butane mixture is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which is available and comprises 56.4% butane, 24.4%propane, and 17.2% isobutene. This paper also presented an experimental investigation of COP by the effect of changing capillary tube length, capillary tube inner diameter and capillary coil diameter on the mass flow rate of refrigerant in an...
Topics: LPG refrigerator, evaporator, zero cost refrigerators, electricity free refrigerator.
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This paper provides a review of the automatic methods used for the identification of woven fabrics developed in nearly 30 years starting from the mid-1980s until now. Compared with the manual method based on human eyes and experiences, the objective evaluation technology based on image processing and artificial intelligence holds the advantages of quick response, digital solution and accuracy. This paper describes briefly the background of weave pattern recognition and its development based on...
Topics: Woven Fabric, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence
Solution of ground enhancement material application for decreasing resistance of grounding system is a current problem that draws much attention from scientists [(Lightning Protection International PTY), (Van Dinh Anh and his Group, 2004)], especially, a grounding system is installed in small area or high resistivity of Soil. In order to determine the grounding resistances of simple forms (horizontal rod or vertical rod. we can use the given software (ERICO Company LTD) or the calculating...
Topics: Resistivity of Soil, Grounding System, Horizontal and Vertical Rod, Ground Enhancement Material...
Appreciable quantities of used motor oil spills are common  at and around mechanic workshops. Laboratory testing  program was carried out to determine the effect of used  motor oil contamination on the strength and consolidation properties of lateritic soils. Contaminated specimens were  prepared by mixing the soil with used motor oil based on  weight of dry soil in order to evaluate the usefulness or  otherwise of oil contaminated soils in engineering  construction. The results...
Topics: Coefficient of Consolidation, Coefficient of Volume Compressibility, Lateritic Soil, Unconfined...
The modified Claus process is commonly used in oil refining and gas processing to recover sulfur and destroy contaminants formed in upstream processing. In oil refining, in addition to the typical modified Claus plant feed, i.e. H2S and CO2, NH3, CS2, and COS are also often present or formed. These contaminants pose a risk of poisoning the catalyst beds, as well decreasing the overall sulfur recovery. In this paper, effect of reaction furnace and converter temperatures on performance of SRUs is...
Topics: Claus Process, Furnace and Converter Temperatures
Teak (Tectona grandis) is one of the most important timber  tree species in the Indian subcontinent and south-eastern  countries. The study was performed to explore clonal  propagation techniques by using moderately hard stem  cuttings. The cuttings obtained from 20-year-old donors,  namely FG1 and FG11, were treated with various  concentrations of IBA, inserted into  vermiculite, and  cultured in a mist chamber at 32/26°C (day/night) and 85 ±  2% relative humidity. After 60 days,...
Topics: Clonal Variation, IBA, Moderately Hard Stem Cuttings, Vegetative Propagation, Rooting, Tectona...
This paper proposesan improved load flow method based on perturbation theory which is simple, efficient and reliable. The performance of the proposed method has been tested on well-conditioned IEEE 5-bus, 14-bus, 30 bus and also tested on 11-bus ill conditioned test systems. The proposed method shows its efficacy and robustness with minimum number of iterations along with high accuracy on conventional load flow methods like G-S (Gauss-Seidel) method.
Topics: Acceleration Factor, Gauss-Seidel (G-S) Method, Power Perturbation (P-P) Method, Specified Real...